In a hopeless attempt, I pleaded my muse to relinquish the vision of becoming an rpcw. "I'm not fit for this responsibility!" I cried, but to no avail. This succubus is a mighty force, one I cannot defeat; I had to do as she said.

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Favourite Faces - Ninet Tayeb [1/?]

Highly recommended for roleplays that don’t use gif chats. She’s flawless and can fit in anywhere, but she doesn’t have gifs. At all. I’ll make her some asap, though.

Q: Who gave you permission to be so flawless?


Just a personal thought:

I’d love to see more Jewish and Muslim characters in the rp world. There are a lot of Muslims and Jews everywhere, yet 95% of the time I only see Christians (or atheists from Christian families). There are other religions, too - like Sikhism and Buddhism - but the two above should have very prominent presence in every realistic modern setting. 

Going to lurk on roleplays for a bit. Reviews shall be done soon.

Q: May we please have a first-look review?

Sure thing, sweetie. 

  • Theme: I’m a sucker for themes with a sidebar that spreads all the way vertically. The appropriate links are in their place, although I would consider making them a few shades darker and would avoid the white hover. In the posts, if you can, make the font bigger. Although many bios will be read on the dash, most of them will be viewed within the blog, and right now it’s a bit hard to read such long paragraphs in this tiny font. Even one or two pixels will make a significant difference. Other than that, I have no complaints. Good job.
  • Graphics: First thing that comes to my mind is blurry. Why are the graphics so blurry? the sidebar and the bio’s, too. Sadly, it makes everything look very low quality. I have a feeling it’s a texture you’re using on top of everything (or rather too many textures), so I suggest toning it down a little.  Other than that, I enjoy your colour scheme. It’s very smooth and calm. Plus, I like it when the background of a blog is white; Makes it much easier to read.
  • Sidebar plot: Short and sweet. The only criticism I can give you is that the plot consists of mostly sentences of the same structure. Spice it up a little and it’d be much more attention grabbing.
  • Full plot: Current season! hurrah! I really like it when roleplays indicate the time setting of the plot. The house descriptions and subplots are great. Short, but detailed. If you could add a snippet of the overall plot that would be great. Something longer than the sidebar plot, but not incredibly lengthy. Just so people get the general idea of where everyone is standing in the grand scheme of things.
  • Bio Structure: Greeeat. The basics are relevant and intriguing, the history is just the right length, and there’s a personality bit - which is always good. Other than the blurry gifs that I’m not very fond of, there’s not much I can say. Good job, Missy.
  • Overall: The only things you can change are the quality of the sidebar and bio gifs, make the gifs in the sidebar darker, and enlarge the font in the posts. Otherwise, great job. Keep it up, champ.

Good luck!



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Q: Can we have a first impression review, please?

Sure thing, love. 

  • Theme: Not bad, not bad at all. I haven’t seen this one around too often, which is a good sign. You have all the relevant links in the sidebar, making it easier to navigate quickly. The main title is large and visible. The sidebar photo is of decent size. Overall, I am pleased with your choice.
  • Graphics: I definitely like your colour scheme! dark gray and washed out red - a good combination indeed. The sidebar picture is my favourite of all of the graphics - the logo is positioned very well, the size is good, and the font blends perfectly with the background. The bio graphics are good as well, but the font is a bit awkward. I would suggest using a sens-serif, more minimalist font, instead. I don’t like how in the promo picture the Vegas sign is on the top left and the logo is on the bottom right. I understand that you’re trying to fit both in, but there really is no need. You can blur the heck out of the Vegas sign and put it normally in the centre (everyone will recognise it either way), and put the logo on top of it. Remember - it’s not the Vegas sign that matters, it’s YOUR ROLEPLAY NAME. Right now, based on this promo, I don’t know what to focus on; especially since the title is dark and sort of blends in with the background, whereas the sign is extremely bright.
  • Sidebar plot: Let me tell you right away - your first sentence is too long. It started off interesting, but went on for too long. If you can cut it in half, that’d be perfect. It is extremely vague, though, so you can add a little bit of spoiler in it to intrigue people. 
  • Full Plot: Much longer and more detailed than the sidebar plot, which is great. Way too many roleplays have roughly the same length/detail in both. Whilst I’m not a fan of mythology rp’s, I feel like this would be very intriguing to those who are. The length is appropriate, the language is good; I like it. Plus, I haven’t seen anything exactly like that before. Originality is good, m’love.
  • Bios: Because this is a first look review, I won’t go into reading all of them. BUT! I will comment on their structure, because it’s worth mentioning. Darlin’, I love your bio structure! The little intro in the beginning is great, plus the detail about the past and their present is definitely something many enjoy. Personality traits are a great way to quickly grab someone’s attention, so you might as well put in on top! and the relationships are a good idea to have something for people to start off from and easily get integrated into the roleplay. Me gusta. 
  • Overall: Good job, love. You seem to have most things under perfect control. I would go into asking someone for a promo graphic, but even if you don’t want to, ‘tis okay. Just make sure the focus on every single graphic is YOU and not anything in the background. 

Wishing you the best of luck,



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Am I the only one who doesn’t like this new fad of links changing text and font when you hover on them? I find them quite tacky and inconvenient.

In a hopeless attempt, I pleaded my muse to relinquish the vision of becoming an rpcw. “I’m not fit for this responsibility!” I cried, but to no avail. This succubus is a mighty force, one I cannot defeat; I had to do as she said.

i’m Jamie; yet another emerging rpcw. This is what I provide:

Is there anything I can help you with?

June 27th
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